With this bike it goes really fast, he was born to the circuit and it seemed to get back on my Superbike: what fun, Loris has always his style and it was like going back in time. it is certainly an experience to be repeated. ” capirossi – Capirossi takes up the challenge: “To have the track to ourselves, and at Mugello here was exciting – says Loris -. I very much enjoyed the RSV4, especially in the version Factory Works, the power and torque Mugello count a lot and I really I enjoyed it so much. Then Max is the usual who never gives up and a lot of gas. ” Biaggi and Capirossi have shot both with the RSV4 RF, both with the Italian V4 powered by the Factory Works kit.

At the end of the day, the immediate commitment to find himself on track for Aprilia Racers Days of next season. Gasport

July 30, 2018 – SIENAStraordinaria Elena Vallortigara! In London jumps 2.2 crispy salad with Duomo view to try to mitigate the summer heat. From a distance the sound of the drums of the Contrada.

In Piazza del Campo tourists to shadow hunting. And, at some point, an interview on live radio with Gimbo Tamberi. Put a Sunday with Elena Vallortigara. In Siena, October 2016 adopted hometown girl who, after eight years of torment and 2.02 London, now gives you the clouds. The Vicenza Schio lives in a studio apartment of Bolgione, a village five minutes from the station, surrounded by vineyards.

Dress sewn by Lia, white mother like her Volkswagen methane, has some references: the school field with the platform and gym, the hospital Le Scotte where to do training in view of the degree in Sciences and psychological techniques and a library where to pick up after order, “happy dispute: disagree without arguing on social networks, the media and the public”, the book written by Bruno Mastroianni. Back in Siena for a few days before heading to Berlin ????

But first, appointment tomorrow morning at newsstands? @Gazzetta_it pic.twitter.com/B1NmqJZgOn – Elena Vallortigara (@EVallortigara) July 29, 2018 The missing right emphasis to be a complete Siena? “Not at all. I’m here because, after having tried a bit ‘all, I found in Stephen Giardi the coach who knew rilanciarmi. But integrate myself was not and is not easy.” Elena Vallortigara in a competition-exhibition in Siena Why? “For my character, in some ways closed.

And the way of life of the Sienese. They are very attached to their traditions, the Palio down, but not particularly open to people from outside.” Translated: few reports and a few friends? “Exactly, and I do not mind. I’m fine, alone with myself. I soon found that balance and that, in any place, I always considered essential.” Would be? “Un’agopuntrice, a shop of organic products and a library.” Need not so common: Easily detail? “I experience acupuncture since 2011.

It gives psychophysical benefits and good feelings. Here I turn to Cecilia Shining. With an osteopath, helped me solve back problems in 2016. I go to her once a week.

It’s relaxing and I nervously active “.  Elena Elena during a session of acupuncture during an acupuncture session Then the organic shop … “I’m not a fanatic, but some products I like a lot. Especially some soy milk and instant coffee chicory. For the rest while followed by a nutritionist, I eat everything. the scale was an enemy, has become a tool. at 18 jumped 1.91 and weighed 68 kg.

Then, despite some battles, until last spring no more than 1.86 and below 70. Now i’m 67 “. How did he do? “On 25 April I jumped 1.94. And, after years of waiting, was a liberation. In every sense. Now I eat and I do not take weight.

It ‘also a matter of the head. The power problems are mild. They deserve to be discussed with less taboo. probably will be the subject of my thesis. ” His studies have to do with the library? “Exactly: the user to concentrate. I’m going to that” Of tingle. “To be alone, but among the people.

Account to graduate in December. A Novedrate, in Como, home of my eCampus University 1xbet canl? destek. Then, before facing two years specialized and state exam, I would like to give me a trip to Sweden. ” Meanwhile, the training … “For a couple of months, when I’m home every afternoon: in Child Neuropsychiatry, with children and teenagers in children, from 0 to 18 years.

Study and interpret their tests, next psychologists in the talks. It ‘a subject that fascinates me, also in relation to the role of parents. ” And ‘close to her? “Very much, although we see little. The last time, however, two weekends ago, Jesolo beach, with my sister Marta, who is five years younger than me. He lives in Orleans, France.

It was the girl at equal, will now seek work or resume studying. Even dad Paul is often abroad oversees water treatment plants. in Central and South America: in Guatemala, but also in Salvador, Haiti, Mexico and Peru. Mom, however, it is the asylum secretary of Schio. ” With Fernando, her boyfriend, in Murcia, in Spain, the circle is closed. “He’s a semi-professional footballer: he has just received an offer from Iceland.

It works in a sports shop. He is 31 years: every now and tell him not to dream of a career as an athlete. Then I repent: he always me spurred on. ” Elena Vallortigara jumps 2.02 to London. Ap Lei has never thought of giving up, over the years? “Several times: this season was the last chance. I insisted not.

Often I felt like a black sheep. I went to rallies with no coach, no fixed place. I thank those who enabled me to resist, but still for December reached a collegiate in Formia, against me and there was no room. How I cried. ” Quickly everything has changed: from eleven days to Berlin Europeans, will fight for the podium. “Now I am calm.

I have the security I needed. But I have no expectations, I learned not to have. Already back in blue fills me with joy. Before qualifying, then …”. From our correspondent Andrea Buongiovanni  @ abuongi

March 23, 2019 – Naples Faouzi Ghoulam, 28 (getty) He is working hard in Antwerp Faouzi Ghoulam and hopes to return from Belgium ritonificato as happened to his teammate Amin Younes (which against Udinese scored his first goal in A league). For some time the Algerian left-back is back in action, but his performances have not convinced at all.

The left foot is powerful and precise as ever, but as an athlete lacked the brilliance that had characterized it until November 2017 when he broke the ligaments of the knee against Manchester City in the Champions League. A year after his return, but the improvements in the physical aspect were not the expected ones.

VIDEOS OF JOURNAL TV PROGRAM – Ghoulam few days is in the clinic “Move to Cure”, directed by physio Lieven Maesschalck: here began a functional work path to return to his knees as hard as possible, about 4 hours a day specific job. It is a particular therapy, which should allow the player to recover and regain strength in his legs. Ghoulam, who missed the commitments with the national Algerian own to heal better, it will remain in Antwerp until early next week.

When you fall in Castel Volturno to join the team and become – hopefully – lead in this final season, with Napoli committed to confirm second place and especially to point to the Europa League final. Maurizio Nicita

May 20, 2015 – Milan SPECIAL News, videos, photo gallery: all about the Tour of Italy in 2015  race after 3h55’08 “Ilnur Zakarin (Katusha) won solo the eleventh stage of the 98th Tour of Italy, 153 km da Forli in Imola, 53 “ahead of Carlos Betancur (Ag2r) and Franco Pellizotti (Androni-Sidermec). Fourth Intxausti (Movistar), fifth Rosa (Astana).

The 25 year old Russian, the protagonist of a lifetime escape most of the fraction, is pro ‘from 2012: for him, now King on May 3 of the Tour de Romandie, this is the 14th professional center. Among the big some spark, but no significant consequences for the ranking. Tour of Italy 11th stage stage – The length of the 11th stage should not deceive us.

The 153 km have five ascents (3 GPM) and very little plain before the final circuit of 15.4 km (the circuit Tre Monti, one nell’autodromo part of Imola) to go three times. Hours are 13 part: it rains. After the first intermediate sprint (km 7.6, Nizzolo front of Viviani and Boem) Intxausti (Movistar), Rosa (Astana), Zakarin (Katusha) and Kruijswijk (Lotto NL Jumbo) attack.

At quartet are added in six, Montaguti (AG2R), Hesjedal (Cannondale-Garmin), Rutkiewicz (CCC Sprandi), Betancur (AG2R), Ruben Fernandez (Movistar) and Pellizotti (Androni-Sidermec), for a total of 10 fugitives.

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