Thursday, June 14, 2007 Let’s get back on information that was not discussed yesterday in chronic. This is the bivalent teachers. The Education Minister Xavier Darcos said, Wednesday, June 13 on LCI: "I told the unions that I received the project (dual mode) in itself should not be dismissed." According to the minister, a teacher able to teach two subjects will benefit from "a more varied career, he will make more services, it will be useful when there are hesitations in the schedules, so I think the bivalence should not be rejected, it is necessary that we continue to explore this avenue. " What is notable in this declaration of the minister is that surreptitiously, we return to one of the Decree Robien point that the president just yet repealed. As we feared in a previous column, teachers overwhelmingly against the Robien decrees can certainly rejoice in the late Robien decrees but must remain wary. First, because the timing of this announcement makes it more difficult to mobilize playing on the bachelor’s blocking threat as was mentioned. Secondly, because for now the 3,058 jobs lost through decrees will not be restored: the equivalent hours will be compensated for overtime. The SNES (majority union in the secondary) also wonders today in a statement reimplantation into positions and not in overtime. "The lateness of the announcement of the repeal creates difficulties in the organization of school in secondary schools, "says the SNES. The question posed therefore is that of alertness and possible mobilization capacity at the end of the school year or in the fall. It should not take teachers for altar boys … But now we learn in La Croix that the choirboys do not exist … We must now speak of "altar servers", even if I’m not crazy mass, it’s still a shock to learn that … Go in peace … Good Reading … ———————— ———————- Unanswered 14/06/07 Release of the fear of deportation without borders education Network organized yesterday, a year to the day after the publication of the circular Sarkozy, a deposit of parents of school records regularization undocumented at the Paris city Hall. Liberation tells some of these stories. Read more of the article Can the future law on recidivism reduce crime? The duel between Nicolas Beytout day (BBC) and Laurent Joffrin (Liberation). Broadcast on France Info and Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 14/06/07 Mother looks great for high school son "gifted" Since Xavier Darcos announced that 20% of students could be enrolled in the school year outside their home areas, a hundred requests information flock daily to the rectory of Paris or that of Versailles. Anxious parents will wait until July 14 to find out where their offspring was accepted. By then, all the arguments are good to get satisfaction. Read more of the article they retook the philosophy bin Monday morning, five writers have accepted the challenge offered by the "Figaro Litteraire" retake the test of philosophy. Read more of the article copy of Alexander Jollien: 18/20 Subject: Can the desire to meet the reality? Read more of the article copy Raphaerl Enthoven: 19/20 Subject: Can the desire to meet the reality? Read more of the article Eliette Abecassis Copying: 19/20 Subject: Is all consciousness liberating? Read more of the article copy of Paul-Marie Couteaux: 14/20 Subject: Art us he departs from reality? Read more of the article copy of Jean d’Ormesson: An incorrigible Robinsonade More Article ————————- —————— Humanity of 13/06/07 (a day late) the bitterness of undocumented migrants, a year after the circular Sarkozy’s promises the former interior minister were only window dressing: 30 000 applications, 23 000 were dismissed. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 14/06/07 (paying) Hiking for kids chic cities ONE dAY they sympathized with the cops and firefighters climbed to the Sacred Heart, discovered Senate and … Read More Article ————————————– ———- the Cross of 14/06/07 the parishes are experiencing a boom altar servers impulses by a generation that did not experience the "altar boys" of yesteryear, groups of altar servers experiencing some youth in parishes Read More Article ——————————- —————— 14/06/07 20 minutes from Paris, it bypasses the usual "Louise Michel in the 19th? No, I do not know the reputation of this institution. "Although she knew Catherine could say anything anyway. With two other guidance counselors, psychologists, it assures since May 29, the hotline of the rector of Paris *. Goal ? Responding to requests from parents who want to enjoy the relaxation of the school map announced by the government. Until now, when he entered in the sixth, a child must be enrolled in college in its sector. Exceptions exist: 45% of applications were satisfied. But the goal was to limit the maximum. Now the goal is to answer as best possible.Paris well be the capital of the bypass school, the craze is not yet huge. Read more of the article rectories ready to meet the wishes of the parents "The goal is not to make the figure but to satisfy the students," says the rector of the Academy of Creteil, Jean-Michel Blanquer. The latter, after the guidance given last week by the Minister of Education, nevertheless displays a goal: 10 to 20% of Grade 6 students should bypass the school board in September. Last year in the academy that meets the Val-de-Marne, the Seine-Saint-Denis and Seine-et-Marne, 2.8% of sixth deviated from the segmentation. Meeting the demands, around 50% last year, will therefore increase. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Metro (Paris) from 14/06/07 Christiane France, expelled against the will of his father Lyon. Last week, France Christiane-Kweleng, a small Cameroonian 9 years, was deported with his father, while the latter wished to entrust it to an uncle in a regular situation. CE2 educated in Lyon since September, she speaks on June 4, the tribunal, saying that her friends are in France, before bursting into tears. His father was sentenced to deportation, but not because the deportation procedure does not apply to minors. Yet she accompanies the detention center Saint-Exupery. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Rue89 of 14/06/07 Nothing seen … ——————————— ————— West of France … 14/06/07 Nothing seen ——————— —————————- Le Monde 15/06/07 the three universities of Aix-Marseille merge and bring together 70,000 students Presidents of the three universities of Aix-Marseille announced Tuesday, June 12 their intention to "develop within two years a single university in the framework of the new law of autonomy". They trust in the research center and higher education (PRES), which has since March 21, the control that they want reconciliation operational for the academic year of 2009. Read more section —- ———————————— Le Nouvel Observateur Permanent 14/06/07 Bivalence teachers: Xavier Darcos persists Despite the announcement by Nicolas Sarkozy of "total repeal" of decrees Robien, Minister of Education considers that the possibility for teachers to teach two subjects "should not be dismissed." Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 14/06/07 ————————————- Nothing seen do my homework websites
… ———————- A selection in dispatches of Teachers attacked 14/06/07: Darcos remind the rectors of their responsibilities the Minister of Education Xavier Darcos recalled Thursday rectors academy he expected that they "personally ensure" the reporting justice of the aggression of staff, as well as monitoring of the victims, and judicial staff. Read more of the article Robien Repeal of decrees: the SNES demand recovery means the SNES-FSU, the main union in secondary school, on Thursday urged the restoration of deleted by means Robien decrees, texts Nicolas Sarkozy Monday marked the repeal. Read more of the article Parents of students: Darcos "undertakes" to their status at the school (federations) The two federations of parents of public school students, the CIPF and Peep, assured Thursday of separate statements that the Education Minister Xavier Darcos had "committed" to parents for their status to be strengthened in all institutions. Read more of the article Reform of nursing studies "on the agenda of government" The Ministry of Health said Thursday that the reform of nursing education was "on the agenda of the government" and that " a first working meeting would be held "by 15 July," after receiving nursing unions organizing a day of action. Read more of the article Consultation on the University !: a "communication operation" (Snasub-FSU) The Union of university administration (Snasub-FSU) Thursday described as "communication operation" sessions consultation organized at the Ministry of higher Education and Research for a law university autonomy in July. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- Posted by Watrelot on Thursday, June 14, 2007

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